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Great Northern Developments: Gympie Retirement Village

Facilities and Features

  • Wheel chair access for less mobile individuals
  • Paved foot paths throughout the facility
  • Air conditioning & large hot water systems
  • Sectioned off areas for privacy
  • Large spacious dining rooms
  • Fenced outlines
  • Hallway cupboard designed for ample storage space
  • Spacious parking
  • Established gardens and lawns


  • Close to Gympie
  • Local specialty shops and cafes
  • Gympie Retirement Village : Dining facilities
  • Gympie Retirement Village : Entertainment facilities
  • Gympie Retirement Village : Surrounding fences
  • Gympie Retirement Village : Large carpark with emergency vehicle access and disable parking
  • Gympie Retirement Village : Wheel Chair Access
  • Gympie Retirement Village : Path ways with established gardens showing partions
  • Gympie Retirement Village : Partitioned Spaces
  • Gympie Retirement Village : Air conditioning and hot water systems



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